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Pillow is crucial for Good Sleeping Quality and Good Cervical Spine Alignment (curvature)


To mantain the natural cervical spine (Neck) "C" curvature (Lordosis), the neck needed to be fully relaxed and in a proper alignment when sleeping.


Postura Medical Pillow


  • This is a special design Cervical Pillow to allow our head to be cradled by the center cavity
  • Dual-size in 1 pillow- 12cm and 10cm, Specially design for average malaysian neck size.
  • The best material for the ever lasting firmness and best ventilated material across many other materials
  • 1 year warranty against manufacturing defect and Foam Resilient.


Two Type of Pillow:


  1. Pro Support (Side-lying Pillow):

-Suitable for people who prefer sleeping on the side (shoulder)


-For Side Sleeper: Sleep on the high side of the pillow which located at both edges of the pillow depending on your shoulder size. Make sure that your neck and shoulder is well supported and the neck is straight when you look from the back. For Broader Shoulder: recommended sleep on 12 cm


-Material: High Density Foam


-Firmer, Antimicrobial, Anti Dust Mite, Well Ventilation, Good and Firm Support


2.Pro Comfort (non-specific sleeping posture/back sleeper)

-Suitable for people who prefer sleeping on their back or have no specific sleeping posture


- For Back Sleeper, sleep on the center of the pillow, make sure that the head is well rested on the center cavity and the neck is well supported. Your chin should parallel to your forehead.


-Material: Latex feel Foam


- Softer, Antimicrobial, Anti Dust Mite, Well Ventilation, Good and Firm Support

Postura Medical Pillow

RM220.00 Regular Price
RM180.00Sale Price
  • Due to higine purpose, the item is not refundable and returnable, refer to the description for your most suitable pillow before purchasing

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