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Heat Therapy is extremely useful for muscle soreness and improving blood circulation!


A highly durable heat pack can save tons of money from buying heating pads.


BP Chiro Natural Heat Pack




- 100% Natural Homemade Limited Edition, No Chemical involve


- Used of highly durable linen material cover, the warm-keeping effect is better than cotton


- Highly durable and reusable cover can use more than 800-1000 times


- Can retain heat for up to 20-30 minutes


- 1.5 kg of weight can provide deep penetration of the heating effect


- 23cm x 46cm x 3cm large size suitable for all kinds of muscle and joint


- Foldable design suitable for small area


How to use:


1. Put the heat pack into the microwave for 3-5 minutes with med-high/high heat intensity.

You might need to heat it longer if it is the first time. (5 minutes)


2. Make sure the heat pack is rotating in your microwave before you leave!


3. Cover the heat pack with a small towel/ cloth before applying it to the skin.



How to take care:

Keep the heat pack in the dry area.


Natural Heat Pack

RM100.00 Regular Price
RM75.00Sale Price
  • This is a homemade limited edition heat pack with 1.5 kg of weight.

    Limited Quantity,First Come,First Serve  only

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