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Flip Flop or Slipper is one of the major cause of Ankle Sprain and possibly lead to faulty foot posture such as Flat Feet.


However, when we do not want to or finds it inconvenient to wear shoe with orthotics insole, a pair of Pre-moulded Orthotic footwear is a good alternative 


Choosing a pair of Flip Flop wisely can improve our foot posture, reduce rate of injury and increase comfortability while we walking


While most of the Pre-moulded Orthotic footwear in the market is for normal individual. Our Medical Orthotic Flip Flop is specially design for those who are having tons of Foot Condition


Medical Orthotic Flip Flop


Our signature arch support technology has been designed to fully map the soft tissue and muscle area under the foot to support the foot in its most relaxed state.



  • Neoprene derma protector lining
  • Anatomically shaped heel cup for better control
  • Extra soft material to avoid irritation
  • 4cm heel lift for Achilles tendon relief
  • Plantar Flex 1st Ray(PF1R) technology to facilitate toe off
  • Accommodative arch support providing optimal contact with plantar fascia


Condition that can be treated:


1. Flat Feet/High Arch

2. Plantar Faciitis

3. Metatarsalgia

4. Morton Neuroma

5. Bunions(Hallux Valgus)

6. Valrus/Valgus Knee

7. Postural Imbalance

8. General Foot Pain

9. Ankle instability

10. Heel Spurs/Heel Pain

11. Achilles Tendonitis

12. Shin Splints

13. Post Tib Tendonitis

14. Claw Toes

15. Hammer Toes

Medical Orthotic Flip Flop

RM320.00 Regular Price
RM280.00Sale Price
  • Due to hygiene purposes, item is not refundable and returnable 

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