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This is a Medical Grade Product


Free Consultation/Fitting (Online/Offline) by Doctor/Physiotherapist will be provided after purchased.


It is extremely important to have a Proper Foot Posture to maintain body posture, prevent injury and improve overall-health


1 in 5 Asian has flexible(functional) flat feet that can be easily treated by a pair of 𝗠𝗲𝗱𝗶𝗰𝗮𝗹 𝗜𝗻𝘀𝗼𝗹𝗲.


We should use custom medical insole instead of ready made because ever feet is different. Hence, a pair of medical custom insole is crucial in treating any foot condition.


Advance Custom Medical Orthotic:


- Medical Orthotic that is used by most Doctor of Chiropractic, Physiotherapist and Podiatrist


- Can be used during sports or normal walking activities.


- 3/4 length insole can be inserted into different types of shoes, compared to a full length insole.


- Anti-microbial suede top cover.


- EVA material makes it durable for wear and heat mouldable.


- Deep heel cup for stable and protection of Achelles Tendon


- Build in 4° medial arch to provide sufficient support for normal individual


- Adjustment accessories can be inserted up to total 10° of medial arch for flat feet individual or 6° for High Arch individual


- Adjustment accessories including: Metatarsal Dome, Heel Wedge up to 6°, Forefoot Wedge, Heel Pad, and etc


Condition that can be treated:


1. Flat Feet/High Arch

2. Plantar Faciitis

3. Metatarsalgia

4. Morton Neuroma

5. Bunions(Hallux Valgus)

6. Valrus/Valgus Knee

7. Postural Imbalance

8. General Foot Pain

9. Ankle instability

10. Heel Spurs/Heel Pain

11. Achilles Tendonitis

12. Shin Splints

13. Post Tib Tendonitis

14. Claw Toes

15. Hammer Toes


Using Instruction:


Will be instructed during Free Fitting Consultation by Doctor/Physiotherapist


How to care:


- Avoid direct sunlight or wet areas.

- To clean, rub with damp cloth and allow to dry under air.

- No washing needed.



Advance Custom Medical Orthotic

RM300.00 Regular Price
RM280.00Sale Price
  • Refer to the accurate size guide attach at the image section or Product Option

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