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Chiropractic Care Shown to Provide Pregnancy Pain Relief

Updated: Jun 17, 2022

We know pregnancy is a unique and special time in a woman’s life. Most of the time, this special time does not come without its share of physical and mental difficulties.

Pregnancy and Lower Back Pain

It has been reported that approximately more than 50% of all pregnant women experience back pain throughout their pregnancy and 50% to 75% of women experience back pain and neck pain during labor. This is because your body undergoes a variety of physiological and hormonal changes to provide an optimum environment to support your growing fetus and prepare for the upcoming birth. The good news is there is ample research showing that chiropractic care is safe and effective during pregnancy.

Prenatal Chiropractic Improved Spinal Curve Discomfort

As your baby develops and grow heavier during gestation, your normal spinal center gravity shifted and your posture is changed. This body compensation can lead to misalignment of your spinal vertebrae or other joints connected to the spine.

When your tummy is growing bigger throughout the gestation, it causes the spine to curve too far forward, which often results in significant low back and pelvis discomfort. In addition, the increase in circulating hormones such as progesterone and relaxin during pregnancy brings about pelvic hypermobility and creates a decrease in spinal stabilization.

Help Make Your Pregnancy Easier at BP Chiro!

We offer several pain and discomfort relief techniques to keep you feeling well throughout your pregnancy life. The Webster Technique in specifically is designed to improve pregnant women’s pain and associated problems during gestation period. And yes, we have tables specially designed to accommodate pregnant bodies.

Webster Technique

What Is It?

Webster technique is a prenatal specialized technique used during the pregnancy treatment. It allows the spine and pelvis to function properly during pregnancy to promote balanced movement and alignment. When the pelvis is in a balanced position, the surrounding ligaments connected to the uterus is maintain equally as a supportive suspension for the uterus. If one of the pelvis misaligned or imbalance, these ligaments and muscles will undergo torsion and stressed causes uterine constraint. Your baby would have an unfavourable environment in your tummy to grow and develop optimumly.

Is It Safe?

The Webster technique is safe for both mother and baby at all stages of pregnancy right up to delivery.

Does It Work?

Research shows the overwhelming majority of women who have been treated using Webster and Chiropractic Technique reported relief from low back pain during the pregnancy in 84% of the cases. With a balanced and aligned pelvis, babies have a greater chance of moving into their correct position for birth.

Health Benefits with Pregnancy Chiropractic

§ Low Back, hip and pelvic Pain

§ Sciatica Pain

§ Tightness in legs and groin

§ Spinal alignment maintained

§ Better sleep quality and mobility

§ Easy labor and delivery

§ Creating more space in pelvis for baby to move and develop freely

Does It Hurt?

Most women report no pain associated with the adjustment. Occasionally, there may be soreness in the muscles and tendons that have been realigned much as you would after a workout.

These techniques are GENTLE, NON-INVASIVE and DRUG-FREE!

What can I expect from a BP CHiRO Visit?

§ Detailed oriented history taking.

§ Full body analysis of the spinal and pelvis joints, muscles and ligaments.

§ Functional movement screen.

§ Diversified, Gonstead and webster adjustment with gentle soft tissue release.

§ Recommend treatment care plan with rehabilitative and pregnancy specific exercises and stretches.

Author: DC Jermaine Tay


DC Jermaine Tay

Doctor of Chiropractic

Certified Paediatric Neurology

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